6 Methods to Prevent Stretch Marks Appearance

Stretch marks on the skin is not as a result of serious health complication but could make you feel very uncomfortable in your skin. 

No one wants any blemishes on their skin and that is why you are here reading this post.

In this post, you will be learning the various means to prevent stretch marks from appearing on your skin.
Moisturised Skin to Prevent Stretch Mark Appearance


1. WEIGHT GAIN CONTROL: The most important step to take in order to avoid stretch marks irrespective of being pregnant as a woman or not, is to maintain a normal and healthy weight. When there is a rapid weight gain within a short period of time, the skin gets pulled and stretched making it prone to stretch marks appearance. Also, when there is rapid weight loss, stretch marks appears.

Body builders also have the tendencies of having stretch marks if they want a quick body transformation instead of following a routine to change the body size over a lengthy period of time.

In a nutshell, avoid quick body transformation to prevent rapid weight gain.

2. HYDRATION: The next important step to take is to make sure your skin gets hydrated all the time. Avoid your skin getting dry because stretch marks tends to appear easily on dry skin. Drinking enough water and using skin moisturisers will help keep the skin feeling soft and hydrated preventing stretch mark appearance.

3. AVOID HYDRO-CORTISONE: Cortisol is a steroid released by the adrenal gland that is responsible for keeping the body and skin in perfect shape and condition When there is high release of cortisol in the skin, the skin collagen gets damaged leading to skin hardening, wrinkles and fine lines, and stretch mark appearance.

Using a body cream with hydro-cortisone for a long period of time can lead to stretch marks by increasing the production of cortisone in the skin which reduces the elasticity of the skin (ability to stretch)

4. EAT FOOD RICH IN VITAMINS: Consuming food highly rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, protein and zinc are very essential vitamins to combat any skin issue and maintain a healthy and desired skin.
  • Vitamin A is very essential for cell and tissue growth. Insufficient vitamin A in the skin leads to weakened skin, dry skin which causes stretch marks to appear.
  • Vitamin C promotes sufficient production of collagen in the skin to keep it so healthy.
  • Vitamin D helps to build and strengthen the immune system thereby leading to prevention or reduction of skin inflammation, and promotes skin strength. 
  • Vitamin E helps to get rid of toxins and radicals on the skin which affects the skin health.
  • Zinc in the skin helps to prevent inflammation.
5. EAT MODERATELY: Women, especially the pregnant ones should eat in a moderate way. Too much consumption of food will only lead to more weight gain which will lead to stretch marks.

6. USAGE OF MOISTURISERS: Keeping the skin moisturised makes it feel softer and prevent dryness which is one of the major factors that causes stretch marks. When the skin is dry, wrinkles, cracks, fine lines tends to appear and the tissue connectivity gets weaken which leads to easy stretch mark appearance with a little stretch on the skin.