Eczema: The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


I feel your irritation. I battled with eczema for years right from my childhood.

The sight of it on my back, stomach, neck was so annoying that I would cover the whole of my body to keep it unseen, even when the heat was much.

While there are many products or natural ingredients to get rid of eczema, I had a secret solution which I also used for pimples.

Wanna know what the secret solution is? Bet you do. 
You will get to know if you continue reading.

But first, let me educate you about eczema.

It is a skin condition in which patches of the skin appears rough, scaly, dry, inflamed, and reddish in colour which leads to itching and skin peeling off. 

The good news is, it is not contagious even when in contact with someone who does have it.
The most common type of eczema is Atopic dermatitis.

There are several reasons why you have or may have eczema on your body or that of your kids and they are;

1. Genetic Factor: It sure runs in the family blood. It could be hereditary. There is need to make findings if any of your family members i.e Parents, Grandparents ever battled with eczema. 

Here is the cause of mine. I found out my father and elder brother battled with eczema.

2. Environmental Factor: Getting exposed to certain chemical or environmental hazard such as smoke (cigarette, combustive), fragrances, soaps etc could trigger the appearance of eczema on the skin.  

3. Skin Changes and Irritation: There is high probability of eczema breakout when the skin is dry.  
The skin could feel irritated and force a reaction when in contact with harmful substances in body lotions, cloths and dresses, environmental pollution. 

You may be using a skin care product that is messing up your skin thereby leading to eczema flaring up.


The primary symptoms of eczema are itching, burning, inflammation, reddish skin patches


Even though there is almost no solution to permanently get rid of eczema from appearing again, there are several treatment methods that can be implemented to get rid of its appearance on the skin.

Especially those who have genetic eczema which runs in the family blood. 

Here are what you can do:

1. Using Moisturizers: Remember that dry skin often leads to eczema breakout, so there is need to use a good skin moisturizer to prevent dryness.

2. Indulge in wearing soft, cotton dress rather than wool and polyester to avoid skin irritation.

3. Avoid staying in a heated or polluted environment for long.

4. Avoid scratching the affected skin area.

5. Using of Essential oil that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

6. Visit a skin therapist

7. Bath and cleanse the skin of dirt and unwanted materials regularly
8. My secret solution is Brake Oil for motor. Yes, you saw that right. Apply a little brake oil on the affected area for 3 days after washing. You would be surprised. Note: It may cause your skin to react negatively to the oil in case you have a sensitive skin.

Here you have it. I hope you have been enlightened a little bit.
In future post, the best natural oil for eczema treatment will be discussed.

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