Stretch Marks and Its Causes

Stretch marks are one of the skin worries of both adult men and women but mostly common among women.
The most common reasons for its appearance are pregnancy and continuous weight gain and loss. 

Stretch marks could be short, long fine lines that appear reddish, pinkish on the skin which is mainly caused by elasticity of the skin (i.e when the skin is stretched beyond its elastic point). Early signs shows itchy and irritation of the area where it will appear.

Talking about the areas stretch marks appear, it is commonly found on certain parts of the body and they are;

  • Stomach
  • Upper arm
  • Buttocks
  • Laps
  • Knee pit (back of the knee)
  • Breast
  • Thigh
  • Lower back
  • Hips
Normally, the skin is elastic in nature but obviously has its limit just like every other elastic material. 
The middle layer of the skin called dermis is responsible for stretching of the skin but when it gets overstretched, stretch marks appear as a sign of the damage caused.

What are the Common Factors That Causes Stretch Marks?

1. Pregnancy: Women are the common victims of stretch marks on their body due to pregnancy; which stretches the stomach region to allow for accommodation as the baby gradually grows. Infact, over 50% of pregnant women experience stretch marks.

2. Puberty: Growth is the sign for reaching puberty. When the skin get stretched due to growth as a result of puberty, stretch marks tends to appear at those earlier stated. Most reason here is the potential for some people to grow at a higher rate and gain massive weight.

3. Weight Gain and Loss: When you repeatedly gain weight and lose weight, it overstretch the skin thereby disrupting the collagen in the skin (this is the important protein needed by the skin to maintain strength, firmness and tissue connectivity). 

4. Obesity: People who have extreme weight and fat are prone to stretch marks on their body.

5. Body Building: This leads to rapid change in skin growth thereby causing stretching which leads to streak marks appearance. Also, the use of steroid cream and ointment often lead to appearance of stretch marks.

6. Hydro-cortisone Cream: Using body creams and lotions that are have cortisone properties for far too long often leads to degradation of the skin collagen thereby increasing the risk of stretch mark appearance on the skin.

Knowing the factors that causes stretch marks is the best way to determine how to prevent it if you are yet to have it. Though, having stretch mark is a natural sign and can not probably be hundred percent prevented but its appearance can be reduced.

Having it also doesn’t pose any major health problem to demand fear of complications, it can only make you feel irritated and filled with low self esteem.

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