Top 5 Harmful Ingredients In Skin Care and Cosmetic Products

Skin care products are must have for women to beautify and add glamour to their skin but majority are less concerned about the ingredients used in the production of the different personal care and beauty products used in which many of the ingredients used are harmful to the skin when applied.

One of the reasons, in fact, the major reason why people end up buying skin damaging beauty products is because they are inexpensive.

And the second noticeable reason is the love for quick action products which lead to damage of the skin. While some people are just ignorant of the harmful ingredients used in skin care products.

Based on research, the skin absorb into the bloodstream about 60% to 70% of the products applied on it within approximately 30 minutes. so, there is need for extra concern about what is applied on the skin that get absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Based on this, extensive research has been done and here are the top 5 harmful ingredients used in beauty and skin care products.

This is one of the preservatives used by cosmetic manufacturing companies to preserve their products against growth of bacteria, mold and yeast. They help to keep the cosmetic products fresh. But they also tend to act as estrogen and disrupts hormone

Toluene is often used in glues, adhesives, chemical detergents, dyes, paint and paint thinners, plastics and many other industrial substances. This makes it so dangerous to have such substance on the skin.

The following are chemicals under toluene; benzene, methylbenzene, toluol and phenylmethane. 

Hydroquinone is an aromatic compound used by many cosmetics manufacturer in their skincare products to acts as a skin lightening agent. It bleaches the skin by reducing the production of melanin produced in the skin. It also acts as treatment for hyper-pigmentation, acne and sun spots. 

But it comes with side effects like;
Causes Ochronosis which is the appearance of bluish black discoloration of the skin
Weaken the skin for easy penetration into the bloodstream which affects the kidney and liver

Formaldehyde is known to have dire negative effect on the nervous system breaking down the nerve and eventually leading to nerves death. It is also a known human carcinogen linked to leukemia, pancreatic and skin cancer, skin irritation, and cirrhosis. 

Popular symptoms caused are; headache, nausea, depression, mood changes, insomnia, irritability, attention deficit, and memory loss. It is typically found in nail polish, eyelash glue, and hair smoothing and straightening products.
Formaldehyde often is not listed on the label of cosmetics products but its releasing preservatives which are; DMDM hydantoin, Imidazolidinyl urea, Diazolidinyl urea,  Quaternium-15, Bronopol, 5-Bromo-5-nitro-1, Hydroxymethylglycinate

This is regarded as one of the most toxic chemicals often found in cosmetic products especially sunscreens. 

The primary purpose of oxybenzone is to absorb UV light. Further research has shown that it is easily absorbed by the skin and stays in the body for an unknown amount of time to accumulate and lead to increase in toxic level which may disrupt the hormone system affecting the endocrine system.

Oxybenzone has been increasingly linked to early puberty in girls while low sperm count and infertility have been linked to the male.

These are some of the harmful chemicals used in different skin care and cosmetic products. Now that you have a little knowledge about these chemicals, you should cultivate the habit of checking the labels of any product you will be purchasing henceforth and avoid those who have them.

It is highly recommended to opt for natural ingredient products that are beneficial to the skin and body without posing any risk.

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